Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) Exam

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In 1997, the Arizona State board of Education mandated that any educator seeking certification to practice in Arizona would have to take and pass one or more of the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) exams. The AEPA exams are designed and administered by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson. For more information please visit the AEPA website

Registration Information

Candidates can register for the AEPA test online, by mail or telephone.

To register online, please visit the AEPA website

To register for the AEPA Program via mail, print and complete the registration forms. Send completed forms and payment to
Evaluation Systems, Pearson,
300 Venture Way,
Hadley, MA 01035.

Telephone: (413) 256-2883

Telephone registration is only accepted during the emergency period (last week before the exam dates)

To register via telephone, please call (800) 239-8105, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. mountain standard time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

Test Eligibility

The Basic Skills Test is not a pre-exquisite for an Arizona teaching certificate. However, some educator preparations may require that students pass this test.

The professional knowledge tests must be taken and passed by all candidates seeking an Arizona teaching certificate

The Subject knowledge tests must be taken by all candidates seeking certification in their particular subject area

The Constitutions of the United States and Arizona Test must be taken and passed by all educators, teachers and administrators. Candidates who have already completed an ADE approved course are exempt

Educators who are seeking certification as principals, administrators and school administrators must take and pass the Administrator tests – see below for a full list of tests

Please visit the certification requirements page to see applicable certification requirements


The AEPA registration fee is $35

The registration fee for the professional knowledge tests is $80

The registration fee for each of the subject knowledge tests is $70

The registration fee for the constitutions of the United States and Arizona test is $40

Registration for the AEPA administrator for Superintendents and principals each costs $230, while the administrator tests for supervisors costs $120

The 3 sub tests of the basic skills test each costs $25

For a comprehensive list of all applicable fees and charges, please visit the AEPA fees page of their website

The Professional Knowledge Tests are made up of 3 sub tests, Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary. Each subtlest is made up of 100 multiple choice questions and 1 written performance assignment.

Most of the exams under the Subject Tests are made up of 100 multiple choice questions and 1 written performance assignment.

Subject Test exams for German, French and Spanish are each made up of 55 multiple choice questions, 1 written performance assignment and 1 oral performance assignment.

The Constitutions of the United States and Arizona Test is made up of 100 multiple choice questions.

The Administrator Tests for supervisors has 100 multiple questions and 1 written performance assignment.

The Administrator’s exam for Superintendent and Principals each consists of 100 multiple choice questions and 4 written performance assignments.

The Basic Skills Tests is made up of 3 sub tests. The Reading Comprehension and Mathematics sub tests consists of 42 multiple choice questions. The Writing sub test consists of 1 written performance assignment and 42 multiple choice questions.

Other Information

The scores of all AEPA exams is scored using a range of 100 to 300. The required minimum passing score is 240

To see the full list of all AEPA exams available, visit AEPA tests

To see applicable exam dates, visit AEPA exams

To see and select a test site, visit AEPA test sites

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AEPA Study Guides for Subject Specialties Available:

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Art (13)
Basic Skills: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Mathematics (96-98)
Biology (07)
Business (20)
Chemistry (08)
Early Childhood Education (36)
Economics (35)
Elementary Education (01)
English (02)
Health (18)
History (05)
Geography (04)
Library/Educational Media (12)
Mathematics (10)
Middle Grades General Science (39)
Middle Grades Language Arts/Reading (38)
Middle Grades Mathematics (37)
Middle Grades Social Studies (40)
Music (14)
Physics (09)
Political Science/American Government (06)
Principal (81)
Professional Knowledge- Early Childhood (93)
Professional Knowledge- Elementary (91)
Professional Knowledge- Secondary (92)
Social Studies (03)
Special Education: Cross Category (22)
Special Education: Emotional Disability (24)
Special Education: Hearing Impaired (26)
Special Education: Learning Disability (27)
Special Education: Mental Retardation (28)
Special Education: Orthopedic Impairments/Other Health Impairments (29)
Special Education: Severely & Profoundly Disabled (30)
Special Education: Speech and Language Impaired (31)
Special Education: Visually Impaired (32)
Superintendent (80)
Supervisor (82)


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