How to Answer Multiple Choice

multiple choiceWhen you are answering multiple choice test questions, you want to do much more than just guessing. Hopefully, you have invested time in learning, in studying, and you will know the answers to plenty of the questions. There are study tools you can use including flash cards that will help you to stay focused and get results with your learning time. Focus on the most important information so that you have plenty to work with.

While you do want to read through them quickly, don’t skip the question. Read it entirely before you decide on any answer. It is best to think of an answer in your mind before you look at the multiple choices that are given. If you see you possible answer there, then you can feel confident with selecting it. By reading only part of the question, you can get it wrong and that will be frustrating.

Realize from the very start that there will be some harder questions on any multiple choice test. This will prevent you from being shaken by them and losing focus. Determine a way to mark them on your test so that you can skip them for now. Then you can return to them later on. Skip those that have several choices that could be right but that are too similar for you to make a fast decision with.

When you do go back to those harder ones, be ready to tackle them. Shift your point of focus on them so that you are able to really put a strategy into place. Relax your mind, your body, and work on them one at a time. After you read the question, think about a possible answer. If nothing is coming to mind based on recollection or other test questions, go through the multiple choice options one at a time.

Eliminate those that you can immediately. Then you can use the rest of them. It can be harder if you have options such as none of the above or all of the above. However, if you can eliminate one possibility from the list then that can also take care of those vague choices too. Look for overall clues that can help you pick the right answer from what remains. This can be through decision making processing, through grammar and a good fit option, and even through eliminating those choices that seem to be partially correct but not completely.

Problems such as scientific calculations or math problems that are multiple choice can be harder if you aren’t getting the right answer the first time through. When the answer you come up with isn’t one of the multiple choices, don’t panic. Look over your process for arriving at that answer to make sure no mistakes were made. If you have the time, try another formula and see if you get one of the answers on that list.

There may be times with multiple choice tests were you aren’t sure and you aren’t getting a good feeling about it. Chalk that one up to a potential point loss and keep moving. Don’t get hung up too long on any one multiple choice question. If you have studied, you have used the methods, and you are focused you will still do well overall on that test.

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