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flashcardsLooking for a better way to study is common. Many students have learned through anxiety and through low test scores that what they have been doing just isn’t enough. Don’t get too hard on yourself, make the choice to change your study methods to a new way. Flash cards are simple, they don’t take long to make, and they seem to be a great learning tool for many students. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about grade school, junior high, high school, or college

The ability to make flash cards from paper or from index cards is simple enough. Parents can even do this for their children to help them learn math, spelling, vocabulary, and more. Students can create them to study on their own or to work with a partner. Even teams as a study group can use them as a great way to keep the learning moving forward and for it to be interactive. Staying organized is also a benefit of these flash cards. Use different color index cards for different classes or segments of a class.

Only the most relevant information from a course should be placed on the cards. You can’t possibly learn and retain everything that was said. Pay close attention to what is in the book and also what your instructor talks about. If you aren’t sure if something will be on the actual test or not, raise your hand and ask. Some teachers will tell you and others will also give you a study guide that ensures you know exactly what will be on the test.

In order for the flash cards to really help you, work with them as you go along. Don’t wait until the day before the test to make them or to work with them. Instead, you need to make sure you get results as you go through the course. Create the flash cards on a regular basis after you have been in class. Add more cards to the pile as you get new information. What you have already learned can serve as a foundation for additional learning.

To keep that pile of cards from getting too large, start to take out those that you are 100% sure you know and that you can cover on the test with ease. Since you will only be spending about 10 minutes per day on the flash cards, you want to make sure that time is spent going through those that you need to learn instead of those that you already know inside and out.

With the use of flash cards, you may find that learning information is fun again. You may be able to reduce anxiety and you can also increase your test scores. This is a low cost and simple method that could really make a difference for you! Implement it today and see how confident you feel going into your next test. This is a great way to make sure you stay focused and really learn too during the time you do have to invest in studying.

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