Florida Teacher Certification Exam FTCE

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To demonstrate that all candidates have the necessary skills, Florida law requires that teaching applicants take a series of tests to show that they have an understanding of the basic skills, professional knowledge, and specific knowledge in certain areas that will enable them to successfully be teachers in the Florida school system.


Exam Description

There are several areas where all applicants will need to be tested and the first of these is the General Knowledge Test (GK). This part consists of four sub tests including an Essay that lasts for 50 minutes, a 40 minute English language test, a reading portion and finally a mathematics portion.

There is also a Professional Education Test (PEd) that takes up most of one afternoon although there can be a variance. However, the actual testing time is constant at 2.5 hours. The Subject Area Examinations (SAE) are usually next. These are usually given in the morning starting at 8:00 am with a finish time of around noon. This is the only exam that cannot be given with the Professional Education Test on the same date.

The last section is the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) for the certification of administration personnel like school principals.



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