Georgia Assessment for Educators (GACE)

Need Help Studying for the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) ?

The Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) replaces the PRAXIS certification exam in the State of Georgia.  The GACE is comprised of various tests measuring the candidate’s skills and knowledge in different areas (see below).

Exam Format

•  Morning session: 7:45 am through 12:30 pm

•  Afternoon session: 1:00 pm through 5:45 pm (4:45 pm for paraprofessional)

Test Options

•  One, two, or all three Basic Skills tests

•  One or two middle grades tests

•  One or both Professional Pedagogy tests

•  Paraprofessional test

•  Latin test

•  One or both Educational Leadership tests

•  Tests can be selected for either the morning or the afternoon session.

Exam Content

•   Basic Skills Test

•   Content Assessments

•   Professional Pedagogy Assessment

•   Educational Leadership Assessment

•   Paraprofessional Assessment

•   Computer Skill Competency

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GACE Subject Area Study Guides:

GACE Agricultural Education (040, 041)

GACE Art Education (109, 110)

GACE Basic Skills (200, 201, 202)

GACE Biology (026, 027)

GACE Birth to Five (005, 006)

GACE Business Education (042, 043)

GACE Chemistry (028, 029)

GACE Early Childhood Education (001, 002)

GACE Early Childhood Special Education General Curriculum (003, 004)

GACE Economics (038, 039)

GACE Educational Leadership (173, 174)

GACE English (020, 021)

GACE English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (119, 120)

GACE Family & Consumer Science Education (040, 041)

GACE Geography (036, 037)

GACE Health Education (113, 114)

GACE Health and Physical Education (115, 116)

GACE History (034, 035)

GACE Marketing Education (046, 047)

GACE Mathematics (022, 023)

GACE Media Specialist (101, 102)

GACE Middle Grades Language Arts (011)

GACE Middle Grades Mathematics (013)

GACE Middle Grades Reading (012)

GACE Middle Grades Science (014)

GACE Middle Grades Social Science (015)

GACE Music (111, 112)

GACE Paraprofessional (177)

GACE Physics (030, 031)

GACE Professional Pedagogy (171, 172)

GACE Reading (117, 118)

GACE School Counseling (103, 104)

GACE Science (024, 025)

GACE Special Education Academic Content Concentrations (087, 088)

GACE Special Education Adapted Curriculum (083, 084)

GACE Special Education General Curriculum (081, 082)

All GACE Subject Area Study Guides


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