Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS)

Studying for the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS)?

The Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS) exams are an educator certification program under the auspices of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). ISBE determines the standard of the exams, the specific test that are required for certification as well who takes what tests. The exams was custom developed and is being administered by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson on behalf of ISBE. For more information, please visit the ICTS website.

ICTS is made up of six sections; the Basic Skills test; the various content-area tests; the Assessments of Professional Teaching; the tests for removal of a Learning Behavior Specialist Limitation; language proficiency tests for the Transitional Bilingual Certificate and the Learning Behavior Specialist tests.


•  Registration for the ICTS exams can be done via internet, mail and telephone

•  Internet registration is available 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Visit internet registration to register via the internet

•  Computer based exams must be registered for via the internet. Please visit computer-based exams registration if you wish to take the computer based exam format

•  To register via mail, please print and fill the registration forms and send completed forms to Evaluation Systems, Pearson, 300 Venture Way, Hadley, MA 01035. Telephone: (413) 256-2870

•  Telephone registration is only available for emergency registration. To register via telephone, call (413) 256-2870 or (800) 239-8107, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. central time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays


For a comprehensive list of all applicable fees for the different sections of ICTS, please visit the fees page of the ITCS website.


•  The Basic Skills exam comprises of 125 questions set in the multiple-choice format and one written constructed-response assignment.

•  The Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) tests is made up of 120 questions in multiple-choice format and 3 written constructed-response assignments. The APT exam has four levels, Birth to Grade 3, Grades K-9, Grades 6-12, and Grades K-12

•  The content-area section of the ICTS each contains 125 questions set in multiple-choice format. Only the Special Education General Curriculum exam in this section is made up of 65 questions set in multiple-choice format

•  The Foreign language content-areas each made up of 100 questions set in multiple-choice format and 2 written constructed-response assignments. The foreign languages are German, French, Hebrew, Latin, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Foreign language content exams in Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin don’t have any multiple-choice questions and each contains 7 written constructed-response assignments

•  The Learning Behavior Specialist II is made up of 6 written constructed-response assignments

•  The Tests for removal of a Learning Behavior Specialist exam each contain 125 questions set in multiple-choice format

•  The Language proficiency tests for the Transitional Bilingual Certificate for English and Spanish each contain 55 questions set in multiple-choice format and 2 written constructed-response assignments. The TLP exams for other languages consist of 4 and not 2 written constructed-response assignments

Other ICTS Information

Please visit available ICTS site for a comprehensive list of ICTS exams and test dates


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Subject Area Study Guides:

ICTS Agricultural Education (170)
ICTS Assessment of Professional Teaching (101-104)
ICTS Basic Skills (096)
ICTS Business, Marketing, and Computer Education (171)
ICTS Chief School Business Official (185)
ICTS Drama/Theatre Arts (141)
ICTS Early Childhood Education (107)
ICTS Early Childhood Special Education (152)
ICTS Elementary/Middle Grades (110)
ICTS English Language Arts (111)
ICTS English Language Proficiency (055)
ICTS English as a New Language (125)
ICTS Educable Mentally Handicapped (004)
ICTS Family and Consumer Sciences (172)
ICTS Health Careers (173)
ICTS Health Education (142)
ICTS Learning Behavior Specialist I (155)
ICTS Learning Behavior Specialist II: Behavior Intervention Specialist (156)
ICTS Learning Behavior Specialist II: Multiple Disabilities Specialist (160)
ICTS Learning Disabilities (006)
ICTS Library Information Specialist (175)
ICTS Mathematics (115)
ICTS Music (143)
ICTS Physical Education (144)
ICTS Physically Handicapped (011)
ICTS Principal (186)
ICTS Reading Specialist (176)
ICTS Reading Teacher (177)
ICTS School Counselor (181)
ICTS Science: Biology (105)
ICTS Science: Chemistry (106)
ICTS Science: Earth and Space Science (108)
ICTS Science: Environmental Science (112)
ICTS Science: Physics (116)
ICTS Social/Emotional Disorders (007)
ICTS Social Science: Economics (109)
ICTS Social Science: Geography (113)
ICTS Social Science: History (114)
ICTS Social Science: Political Science (117)
ICTS Social Science: Sociology and Anthropology (121)
ICTS Special Education General Curriculum (163)
ICTS Superintendent (187)
ICTS Teacher of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (151)
ICTS Trainable Mentally Handicapped (005)
ICTS Visual Arts (145)

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