Mental Preparation for a Test

mental preparation for a test

Being mentally prepared to take a test is very important. The scores you get on tests can be a huge part of your overall grade. Don’t let that pressure or the anxiety overwhelm you though. You need to stay focused on what you have learned so that you can apply it on that test. It is easier than you may think to get the mind ready for test taking.
Early planning is a key step to keeping it all in prospective. As the test gets closer, your anxiety is going to increase if you aren’t ready. Cramming for a test isn’t an effective study technique and you will feel like you are full of anxiety and you won’t do well on the test at all. Take your time to carve out a schedule for studying. Evaluate the various techniques for studying too. Use those that work the best for you. It may be time to try something new and see how it works out for you.

Both positive and negative energy can spread quickly. Who are you surrounding yourself with? If other people in your class are negative, don’t spend time with them. Don’t study with them or hang out. They are only going to make you worry and to have increased energy. Surround yourself with people that are positive and that encourage you.

We can often become our own worst enemy when it comes to test taking. Mentally, you can turn that all around. Talk to yourself and make sure you really commend yourself for your study habits, for your efforts in class, and that you are your own best cheerleader. When you know the materials, you should be able to pass the test with ease.

Take some time to close your eyes and really visualize your outcome that you want. Focus on each part of the process including walking into the test room fully prepared. Visualize going through the test and providing the correct answers. Visualize leaving the room feeling confident in what you have done. Finally, visualize getting your test back and seeing the wonderful grade you earned.

Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to anyone else in the class. A common peak of anxiety for many people during the test taking process is that they see other people finishing up before them. Take the time you need for you to get through the test and to feel good about the outcome. If you did your very best then that is what you should be focused on. After a test, don’t criticize what you didn’t know, praise yourself for what you did know and the effort you put into being ready for that test.

When the test results come out, don’t compare your score to those of other people. You don’t know what type of experience, background, or study time they have available that could tip the scales in their favor. The more you work on improving your mental preparedness for a test, the easier it will become. Before you know it, you will have a positive outlook and you will have reduced anxiety over upcoming tests.

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