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exam1Taking a Teacher Certification Test?   Like most standardized tests, in your academic career, you will be taking a LOT of multiple choice exams.  And after certification you will be MAKING multiple choice exams for students.

Discover 15 Secret Strategies That Will Raise Your Score on Any Multiple Choice Exam Regardless of the Subject.

For many people, taking a multiple choice exam is preferable to other tests. But if you’re reading this letter, you’ve probably had a different experience. In fact, you might identify with this scenario:

You start to take a test feeling the jolt from the coffee and candy bar you downed for “energy”. You see the first question and get puzzled. Where’s the “All of the above” option?  Your palms start to sweat. Your mouth gets dry. Then what’s this? How did the person next to you already finish? You begin to panic … and all your effort goes to waste. Have you ever felt like this?

Multiple Choice Secrets: Multiple Choice Tips and Strategies to Increase Your Score

Complete Test Preparation, Inc. is pleased to offer Multiple Choice Secrets: Multiple Choice Tips and Strategies to Increase Your Score to help you become more confident when taking a multiple choice test and to improve your grades by understanding how you need to study for these specific tests.

In this 86 page book, you’ll get specific guidance on topics like:

arrow_blue32Secret #1: How to Prepare For a Multiple Choice Exam
Unlike an essay question that forces you to have detailed knowledge of a single topic, a multiple choice test forces you to have knowledge of many details. The format forces you to select one correct answer among other “distracters”. This requires a different way of studying and this guide will help make sure you are studying properly.

arrow_blue32Secret #2:  How to Model the Qualities of Students Who Do Well on Multiple Choice Exams

Taking a multiple choice test is more like a marathon than a sprint. The number of questions alone can make them intimidating. It’s not about answering questions quickly; it’s about answering questions correctly. Every student has their own pace. Students that embrace this challenge use different test-taking strategies to help maximize their score.

arrow_blue32Secret #3: How to Handle Trick Questions
Many multiple choice tests are straightforward, but sometimes an instructor will throw in a trick question or two to separate the best from the rest. We’ll show you what to look for so you can be one of the best.

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Believe it or not, a common problem for people who struggle with multiple choice tests is failing to answer every question. This is especially troublesome when they know that a question you don’t answer is just as wrong as a question you answer incorrectly. When you order Multiple Choice Secrets: Multiple Choice Tips and Strategies to Increase Your Score you’ll get many practice questions with detailed commentary and an answer key. This instant feedback lets you understand why your answer is right or wrong. And, because these are just practice questions, you’ll develop the habit of answering every question.

Multiple Choice Tests Require Different Skills

We’re confident that these 15 secrets will give you an advantage over other students. But we understand that, for many students, just hearing the word “test” can cause anxiety, no matter what kind of test it is. So when you order Multiple Choice Secrets: Multiple Choice Tips and Strategies to Increase Your Score, you’ll get two bonus publications to help your test-taking skills.

check-red  FREE Bonus #1 – Test Taking Tips
If you’re getting ready to run a race, there are specific things you need to do the day before and the day of the race. It’s the same way with tests. This guide will help ensure you are at your peak mentally, physically, and emotionally.  You’ll also get specific tips on what to do in the critical opening minutes of the test.

check-redFREE Bonus #2 – How to Handle Text Anxiety
Test anxiety is very common. If it wasn’t, professional athletes wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on sports psychologists to help make sure their “mind is right”. This book will give you specific tips to help reduce your anxiety. One of the best chapters is about how procrastination negatively affects your ability to perform well.

Yes, I want to learn these 15 secrets and start scoring better on my tests! How do I get my copy?

Two Convenient Ordering Options

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Multiple Choice SecretsPrinted Book – $19.99

This paperback book includes the 15 secrets and strategies with practice questions for each strategy. You’ll also get the detailed commentary and answer key to help quickly identify your mistakes. You’ll get both English Grammar multiple choice and Math
multiple choice. Plus, you get your two free bonuses.

Order Print Version NOW

PDF Download – $9.99

You can receive immediate access via a pdf document.  You get everything that’s included in the print version, plus the free bonuses in a convenient format that you can access on your computer or tablet device.

When you think of all the things you’ll spend $19 on this week, isn’t it worth that much … and more…to finally become the best student you can be. Simply click here to order.




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