New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA)

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The New Mexico Teacher Assessments (NMTA) certification program was developed as part of the New Mexico Staff Accountability Plan of 1981. The NMTA exams are designed and administered by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson.  For more information please visit the official NMTA website



  • Registration for NMTA exams can be done online, mail and telephone
  • Internet registration is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Click here, to register for NMTA via internet
  • To register via mail, please print and fill the registration forms. Send completed forms, along with necessary documents and payment to:

New Mexico Teacher Assessments,

Evaluation Systems,

Pearson, 300 Venture Way,

Hadley, MA 01035.

Telephone: (413) 256-2884


  • Telephone registration is to be used only during the emergency registration window. To register via telephone, please call (413) 256-2884, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. mountain time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


The NMTA certification exams are designed for teachers and educators seeking initial licensure in New Mexico. To see which NMTA exams you are required to take, please visit NMTA license requirements


  • The NMTA registration processing fee per each test date is $29
  • The registration fee for the Basic Skills test is $59     •
  • The Fee for the Teacher Competency Assessments (Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary) is $89
  • The fee for the Content Assessments is $89
  • For a complete list of all applicable NMTA exam and processing fees, please visit the fees page on the official website


The Basic Skills exam is made up of 1 constructed response assignment and 100 selected-response (multiple choice) questions

The New Mexico Assessment of Teacher Competency exam is made up of 3 restricted-response assignment, I extended-response assignment and 75 selected-response questions. There are 3 versions of this assessment and you need to check NMTA license requirements to know which to take.

Exam Contents

The New Mexico Content Knowledge Assessment is made up of 24 exams that separately test for knowledge in the fields stated below

Endorsement Content Knowledge Assessments

  • Secondary-Level Assessments (100 selected-response questions)
  • History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government (16)
  • Language Arts (12)
  • Mathematics (14)
  • Science (15)

Middle-Level Assessments (100 selected-response questions)

Language Assessments (65 selected-response questions, 1 written constructed-response assignment, and 1 oral constructed-response assignment)

  • French (18)
  • German (19)
  • Spanish (20)

Licensure Content Knowledge Assessments (100 selected-response questions)

  • Educational Administrator (35)
  • Educational Diagnostician (33)
  • Elementary Education (11)
  • School Counselor (34)
  • Special Education (32)

Other Endorsement Content Knowledge Assessments (100 selected-response questions)

  • Family and Consumer Sciences (27)
  • Health Education (28)
  • Library/Media (30)
  • Music (21)
  • Physical Education (29)
  • Reading (13)
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (31)
  • Visual Arts (22)

Other Information

  • All NMTA exams are scored in the range of 100 to 300
  • The minimum passing score for each section of the NMTA exams is 240


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New Mexico Subject Area Study Guides:


New MexicoAssessment of Teacher Basic Skills (01)
New MexicoAssessment of Teacher Competency- Early Childhood (05)
New MexicoAssessment of Teacher Competency- Elementary & Secondary (03/04)
NMTA Educational Administrator (35)
NMTA Educational Diagnostician (33)
NMTA Elementary Education (11)
NMTA Family and Consumer Sciences (27)
NMTA Health Education (28)
NMTA History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government (16)
NMTA Language Arts (12)
NMTA Library/Media (30)
NMTA Mathematics (14)
NMTA Middle Level History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government (26)
NMTA Middle Level Language Arts (23)
NMTA Middle Level Mathematics (24)
NMTA Middle Level Science (25)
NMTA Music (21)
NMTA Physical Education (29)
NMTA Reading (13)
NMTA School Counselor (34)
NMTA Science (15)
NMTA Special Education (32)
NMTA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (31)
NMTA Visual Arts (22)

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  1. I used to be able to find a site that told me WHICH NMTA’s I had to take… looks like the sites have changed, can you direct me to a place I can find out which exams are required for my certificate.

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