New York State Teacher Certification Exam (NYSTCE)

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The NYSTCE Tests

Like all other states in the America, the New York Education Law and Commissioner’s Regulations requires that those wanting to become teacher’s in New York state take a series of examinations so they might meet the requirements set out to ensure that all teachers in New York are properly and uniformly trained. This series of tests seeks to measure a candidate’s scores based on a series of establish standards rather than the scores of other candidates. While there are a series of tests for those wanting to become teacher’s assistants, following is a list of the criteria for those who wish to teach in New York.

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) consisting of a series
    of multiple choice questions and a written assignment dealing with, among other things, communication skills and multi cultural awareness.
  • AST-W The elementary assessment of teaching skills measures knowledge at the Early childhood and Childhood grades.
  • Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) these measure content and skills in the candidates’ specific field of certification.
  • Bilingual Education Assessment (BEAs) these consist of multiple choice questions and constructed-response assignments. They include recorded listening and speaking components in English for those seeking a bilingual extension to their certificates.

There are two other areas and they are the Communication and Quantitative Skills test and a final Assessment of Teaching Skills—Performance section that requires a video taped sample of the candidates teaching methods.

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NYSTCE Study Guide & Practice Tests


NYSTCE Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (001)

NYSTCE Multi-Subject (002) Test

NYSTCE Agriculture (068) Test

NYSTCE Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS) (095) Test

NYSTCE Biology (006) Test

NYSTCE Business and Marketing (069) Test

NYSTCE Chemistry (007) Test

NYSTCE Communication and Quantitative Skills Test (080)

NYSTCE Earth Science (008) Test

NYSTCE Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (090)

NYSTCE English (003) Test

NYSTCE English to Speakers of Other Languages (022) Test

NYSTCE Family and Consumer Sciences (072) Test

NYSTCE Health Education (073) Test

NYSTCE Library Media Specialist (074) Test

NYSTCE Literacy (065) Test

NYSTCE Mathematics (004) Test

NYSTCE Music (075) Test

NYSTCE Physical Education (076) Test

NYSTCE Physics (009) Test

NYSTCE Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (091)

NYSTCE Social Studies (005) Test

NYSTCE Students with Disabilities (060) Test

NYSTCE Theatre (078) Test

NYSTCE Visual Arts (079) Test
NYSTCE Subject Area Study Guides

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