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The Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE) was established in 1991. The PLACE exams are designed for teachers, principals, special services educators, and administrative licensure candidates. For more information, please visit the PLACE website. The PLACE exams are administered by the National Evaluation Systems


  • Candidates can either register online or via mail
  • To register online, visit the internet registration page
  • Candidates will first receive an acknowledgement email followed by an email of registration confirmation
  • Successful candidates will receive and admission ticket in the mail that will indicate their assigned test site
  • Candidates for mail registration should first print the registration forms
  • Completed forms, along with necessary documents and payment should be mailed to PLACE Evaluation Systems, Pearson, 300 Venture Way, Hadley, MA 01035. Telephone: (413) 256-2885
  • Successful candidates will receive an exam admission ticket via U.S. mail. If you have not received a ticket one week before the deadline for emergency registration, please contact Evaluation Systems
  • Telephone registration is to be used only during the emergency registration period, to register via telephone, please call (413) 256-2885, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. mountain time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays


  • Candidates must have at least completed a certified and approved educator program in Colorado
  • Candidates wishing to enter a one or two Alternative Licensure Preparation program can also take the applicable PLACE

Fees •  Registration for each PLACE exam costs $60

  • The registration processing fee is $35
  • Full list of all applicable fees


  • The PLACE exam is comprised of exams in 39 content areas or subjects
  • Candidates are to register and sit for applicable content areas. Click here to see full list of available PLACE tests
  • Most of the exams are in multiple choice formats although some do require reading and writing
  • The multiple choice questions each have four possible answer options
  • The PLACE exam is timed for four and half hours
  • The exams can be taken in either morning or afternoon sessions
  • Score are usually sent five weeks after the exam, but results for exams with performance assignments will be sent after seven weeks
  • The exam scores are scaled between 100 and 300, with 220 being the minimum pass score

Other Information

  • Click here for comprehensive list of the PLACE exam dates
  • Click here for comprehensive lists of available PLACE test sites

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PLACE Administrator (81) Exam

PLACE Art (28) Exam

PLACE Agriculture and Renewable Natural Resources (40) Exam

PLACE Basic Skills (90) Exam

PLACE Business Education (34) Exam

PLACE Drama (30) Exam

PLACE Early Childhood Education (02) Exam

PLACE Early Childhood Special Education (27) Exam

PLACE Elementary Education (01) Exam

PLACE English (07) Exam

PLACE Family & Consumer Studies (36) Exam

PLACE Health (31) Exam

PLACE Marketing Education (35) Exam

PLACE Mathematics (04) Exam

PLACE Music (29) Exam

PLACE Physical Education (32) Exam

PLACE Principal (80) Exam

PLACE Reading Specialist (43) Exam

PLACE Reading Teacher (18) Exam

PLACE School Counselor (41) Exam

PLACE School Librarian (42) Exam

PLACE Science (05) Exam

PLACE Social Studies (06) Exam

PLACE Speech (19) Exam

PLACE Special Education Generalist (20) Exam

PLACE Special Education Severe Needs-Communication (25) Exam

PLACE Special Education Severe Needs-Deaf/Hard of Hearing (24) Exam

PLACE Special Education Severe Needs-Affective (22) Exam

PLACE Special Education Severe Needs-Cognitive (21) Exam

PLACE Subject Area Study Guides


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