Common Essay Mistakes on a Standardized Test

writing2   Common Mistakes on an Essay

Teacher certification tests such as the GACE Program Admission, FTCE General Knowledge, Praxis Core, PLACE Basic Skills, MTTC Basic Skills, AEPA Basic Skills, ICTS Basic Skills and MTTC Basic Skills have essay questions.

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How to Answer Multiple Choice

multiple choiceWhen you are answering multiple choice test questions, you want to do much more than just guessing. Hopefully, you have invested time in learning, in studying, and you will know the answers to plenty of the questions. There are study tools you can use including flash cards that will help you to stay focused and get results with your learning time. Focus on the most important information so that you have plenty to work with. Continue reading “How to Answer Multiple Choice” »

Time Limits

time LimitsThere is no reason to stress so much about a time limit for a test. This can create a great deal of anxiety though, even more than not knowing the information. The fear is due to someone worried that they aren’t going to be able to put all they know on the test before they have to turn it in. Keep in mind though that most of the tests are designed to provide ample time for someone to complete it. Continue reading “Time Limits” »

Test Anxiety

anxietyDo you often feel anxiety and overwhelmed before you take a test? Do you feel like you can’t focus on studying because you just know that you are going to fail? Perhaps you are worried about what others will think of your grade or how it will affect your overall grade for the course. You aren’t alone when it comes to test anxiety. It is a real issue and one that you can overcome. It is going to take time though focusing on better habits as well as better outcomes. Continue reading “Test Anxiety” »

Mental Preparation for a Test

mental preparation for a test

Being mentally prepared to take a test is very important. The scores you get on tests can be a huge part of your overall grade. Don’t let that pressure or the anxiety overwhelm you though. You need to stay focused on what you have learned so that you can apply it on that test. It is easier than you may think to get the mind ready for test taking.
Early planning is a key step to keeping it all in prospective. As the test gets closer, your anxiety is going to increase if you aren’t ready. Cramming for a test isn’t an effective study technique and you will feel like you are full of anxiety and you won’t do well on the test at all. Take your time to carve out a schedule for studying. Evaluate the various techniques for studying too. Use those that work the best for you. It may be time to try something new and see how it works out for you.

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Flash Cards

flashcardsLooking for a better way to study is common. Many students have learned through anxiety and through low test scores that what they have been doing just isn’t enough. Don’t get too hard on yourself, make the choice to change your study methods to a new way. Flash cards are simple, they don’t take long to make, and they seem to be a great learning tool for many students. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about grade school, junior high, high school, or college Continue reading “Flash Cards” »

Eight Ways to Conquer Test Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a recognized psychological condition in which one’s very fear of performing badly at something causes this to happen, in something of a self-fulling prophecy. For instance, some people are afraid of performing poorly during sex, and this causes the release of adrenaline, which interferes with the brain’s activity, causing the person to do poorly. When we’re dealing with performance anxiety regarding test-taking, we speak of test anxiety. This is simply where stress about taking the test causes you to experience “brain freeze,” and to not remember things that you thought you had committed to memory.

As we mentioned, the primary culprit in test anxiety is adrenaline—released because of fear. Fear causes the release of adrenaline, because this is the hormone that causes your heart to beat faster so that you can escape from dangerous situations. It’s a protection mechanism. But with something like test-taking, it becomes a problem, because the symptoms associated with the release of adrenaline interfere with your thinking processes. The pumping of adrenaline causes you to have trouble with your memory and with problem-solving skills. The result: Worrying about a test actually causes you to do worse on it.

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Four Unforgettable Memorization Tips

Here’s something to remember:  Studying and memorization are so inextricably linked that if you don’t have good memory skills, your studying will suffer dramatically. After all, how do you plan on scoring well on a test if you can’t remember the basic facts that are being tested? Many content exams all Teacher Certification exams, for instance) require large amounts of memorization. The good news:  there are many proven tips that will help improve your memory and therefore, your test scores, as well.  Here are a few of the most important.

Remember to repeat yourself.  Repetition is one of the most important keys to memorizing any information.  The brain remembers the things that it considers important.  And when you repeat something to yourself over and over, your brain picks up on the cue and considers it important.  Gradually, it starts committing that information to longterm memory. Continue reading “Four Unforgettable Memorization Tips” »

Computerized Test Strategies for Better Performance

Computerized Tests & Strategies for Better Performance

Although there are still plenty of old-fashioned paper exams being given today, more than ever, schools and testing organizations are offering computerized exams.  Most Teacher Certification exams are computer based.  That’s because computerized exams are not only easier for those taking the tests, but for those grading them also.

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