Time Limits

time LimitsThere is no reason to stress so much about a time limit for a test. This can create a great deal of anxiety though, even more than not knowing the information. The fear is due to someone worried that they aren’t going to be able to put all they know on the test before they have to turn it in. Keep in mind though that most of the tests are designed to provide ample time for someone to complete it.

A time limit may create a rush though that costs you points due to errors. If you had slowed down, you would have caught them. Take your time to go through calculations and to write out details for an essay. When you read what an essay asks, make sure you answer all of the parts. A common mistake is for only part of the question to be successfully answered. The test taker is simply in a rush for time and fails to do it all correctly.

Knowing the materials well is definitely going to help you on any time limit test. You will be able to get through many of the areas of the test quicker because you already know the materials. You won’t be second guessing your answers either. Don’t get hung up for a period of time on any one question. It is best to let that one go in order to continue completing the test questions you do know. You can always go back to those that you skipped if you have time remaining at the end.

If you have time left over, always look at the essay questions again. You should also look at any formulas or calculations again. These are common areas where mistakes could occur. If you skipped any multiple choice questions, go back and make a good guess. Try to eliminate some of the options and pick what you feel is the best choice from what remains. You may get them wrong, but you could get them right!

When it is possible, try some practice tests online that have a timer. This will help you feel confident that you can do well on a test in spite of a time limit. It is recommended to bring a watch with you to the test so that you can pace your actions. If you feel that you are behind, it is a good idea to go to the questions with the most value in terms of overall points.

Always be early to the test too so that you can get your materials ready. You can get comfortable, have those accepted items on the desk, and get started when the time begins. While you wait, focus on relaxing your mind, reducing tension in your body, and breathing slow and steady. This will all help you to do your very best on any time limit test. Eliminating common time wasters such as distractions, not having a pencil, or fear that you won’t get done in time is very important.

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