Washington Educator Skills Test (WEST-B)

Need Help Studying for the Washington Educator Skills Test (WEST-B) or Washington Educator Skills Tests-Endorsements (WEST-E)?

The WEST-B exam measures a candidates knowledge against standards formulated by the State of Washington (as apposed to measuring knowledge against other candidates).

The WEST-B has three tests, Math, Reading and Writing. Both the Reading and Math tests have approximately 60 multiple-choice questions. The Writing test has approximately 50 multiple-choice questions.

The WEST test sometimes has questions which do not count towards your score, but are designed to asses how you will function in the testing environment.



How to Pass the WEST B/West E with the Least Amount of Studying

west-coverComplete Washington Educator Skills Test WEST B/WEST E Study Guide

Complete study guide, prepared by experts, with everything you need all in one package.

Includes professionally prepared study plan, comprehensive content coverage, and step-by-step test preparation.  Available as printed book or PDF download.

Subject Area Study Guides Available:

WEST-BWEST-E Agriculture Education (037)

WEST-E Biology (022)

WEST-E Chemistry (023)

WEST-E Earth and Space Science (024)

WEST-E English Language Learners (051)

WEST-E Health/Fitness (029)

WEST-E History (027)

WEST-E Library Media (042)

WEST-E Music: General (034)

WEST-E Science(021)

WEST-E Social Studies (028)

WEST-E Special Education (070)

WEST-E Theatre Arts (032)

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