New York City Teacher Certification Process

teacher-300x200To become a teacher in New York City you must have a certification from the New York State Education Department called the NYSTCE. This means that you have to have a Bachelors Degree in Education from an accredited New York State college or university or a reciprocal certification from another state.

New York State Teacher Certification for teaching can be obtained for a classroom teacher, an administrator or a pupil personnel service which includes a social worker, psychologist or school counselor.There are also certificates available for technical teacher and career teachers and others. Each certification will describe the subject and the grade level that you are authorized to teach.

An Internship Certificate is given to those who have passed the LAST and CST certification tests and have completed a minimum of 50% of the graduate program for an Initial Certificate for teaching. These interns will need a letter from their college or university validating their eligibility and this certificate is valid for two years.

An Initial Certificate is issued for entry level teachers and it signifies that you have completed the required coursework. This certification is non-renewable and is valid for five years. A Professional Certificate is for classroom teachers who have a Masters Degree with three years of teaching experience and have continuing professional development. It is considered an advanced level certificate.

Other certificates include Transitional “A” Certificates that are provided to those who have the required occupational experience in specific technical or career education titles but have not met the requirements for an Initial Certificate. This certificate is valid for three years. A Transitional ‘B’ Certificate is given to those who are enrolled in an alternative certification program and they cannot apply directly to the State for this certification. An example is a New York City Teaching Fellows program. Those with a valid Provisional or Permanent NY State Certification are also acceptable.

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